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12 contacts found.

Contact Email Phone
UK Martin Dodd
Senior VP A&R
ma [email protected]
US Scott Sylvester
Senior Director Bus Legal Affairs
sc [email protected]
FR Edouard Lelievre-Brethiez
Licensing Manager A&R Manager
+33 00000000
NL Bas Scholze
Head Of Copyright & Royalties Publisher
+31 00000000
US General Contact
212 00000000
UK Dom Higgins
Special Markets Manager
+ 4 00000000
Pr [email protected] + 4 00000000
UK Paul Curran
Managing Director
Pa [email protected] + 4 00000000
UK Mark Poole
Marketing Manager
+ 4 00000000
Digital Retail
Affiliation Artist: Small Faces
di [email protected]
Craig Redfearn
Press Contact

Detail: AUS Craig Redfearn | Artist: Of Mice & Men
cr [email protected]
Nick Attaway

Detail: Nick Attaway Artist: The Glorious Sons
ni [email protected]