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Artists: grow revenue by connecting with labels, A&R, and more freelance contacts. Research artist music team.
Live events: grow revenue by connecting with artist management agencies, press and bookers contacts.

Created for music professionals

Management Agencies

Artist Managers do everything: artist development, finance, contracts/legal, publishing, industry networking, bookings, tour planning, visa applications, international planning and promotion.

Artist Managers can network with press officers, event promoters, new artists and A&R contacts to grow their artists.

Event Promoters

Event Promoters can use Musli (Music Industry Contacts List) to get artist team contacts including their management contacts in order to complete his/her line up for next events.

Booking Agents

Agents book performers for concerts or live music performances. Also known as bookers, they schedule performances, negotiate directly with artist managers to arrange dates and contract.

Bookers can grow their live performance by networking with new artists managers.

A&R Talent Scoots

An Artist and Repertoire Manager scoots for new music talents.

An A&R can use Musli to obtain any artist team contacts including their management team.

Communication officers

Press officer are a key industry role handling tour press as well as all type of press.

Also known as publicists, they need relationships with media across varying levels of print and online such as news, specialist, lifestyle, regional. The candidate should be experienced .

Who can I network with?

Independent managements agencies such as:

Events promoters and booking agencies, worldwide venues, arenas, or clubs for live performances.

Other top searches includes:

Worldwide contacts